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CHI Certified Home Inspector

Certification No. IAC2-00-1134

CCMI, Certified Mold Inspector
No. 0464

Member No. 16671

CRREI Certified Residential
Real Estate Inspector
No. 0023500

Certified Expert Mold Inspections & Indoor Air Quality Assessments for the Arizona Central Valley/Greater Phoenix Area, the Surrounding Cities/Communities & Payson Area

Certified AZ Home Mold Inspections (CHMI) performs professional, industry standard accredited, certified Mold (Toxic Mold), Flood/Water Damage, Post Restoration/Remediation Verification “PRV” (clearance testing) & Indoor Air Quality Assessments, Inspections/Investigations and related testing & sampling in the Arizona Central Valley/Greater Phoenix Area, the surrounding Cities/Communities & Payson Area. With over 36 years of experience in the engineering & construction industry and thousands of physical home and mold and/or indoor air quality assessment/inspections completed since 2001. Including specialized training in the area of indoor air quality issues (including mold, mold dust spores, allergens, VOC's, etc. and the HVAC Return Air & Discharge Register/Ducting, as well as carpeting, personal effects in a home, business, cars, boats and/or aircraft). The owner Randy D. George has the knowledge and professional experience necessary to meet your assessment, testing & sampling needs and/or your primary physician or specialist or toxicologist, if applicable. He believes that a comprehensive, detailed, scientific approach is required to adequately characterize the conditions found in or about any subject property or personal effects assessed, tested & sampled. As a proud member of many leading professional organizations in the physical home and environmental/mold assessment/inspection industries, you can rest assured that all of our assessments/inspections and investigations are completed by him or any certified mold assessor/inspector will be in accordance with the standards set forth by the EAA, InterNACHI (Note: Which includes their Mold certified & IAC2 certified members performing Mold and/or Indoor Air Quality Assessment, Testing & Sampling), the ESA, FREA/CRREI and/or the IAQA.

Your interests are our interests during and after your home mold assessment/inspection/investigation. We are committed to providing comprehensive, fair, independent, and objective home/business and environmental mold and/or indoor air quality assessment inspections. We will work with you to help you understand the overall condition of the property and will recommend repairs or remediation only when it is needed and necessary.